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tv   CNN News Central  CNNW  February 21, 2024 6:00am-7:00am PST

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keepsake app. we would love a chance to frame it for you >> i'm elizabeth wagmeister in los angeles this is cnn
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>> the president's own brother we're about to appear before house republicans pushing to impeach joe biden. this even after the stunning revelation, the prosecutors say an informant, one that republican in base their inquiry on. they he says he was fed information by the russians and is accused of actively pedaling new laws that could impact us elections. >> plus, prosecutors say she loaded the prop gun that later fired a live round and killed rustem and toggle for headliner hutchins in 20 in 21. but we'll, the film's armorer be held criminally responsible. jury selection begins this morning in her trial, and president biden slamming former for president trump for trying to compare his legal woes to the death of russian opposition leader alexei navalny >> biden says >> republicans must decide, will they serve trump? or the american people on for greek a whitfield with john berman and
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sara sidner, kate bolduan is off. this is cnn news central >> this morning, possible russian shouldn't fingerprints on this too. so in just a few minutes, the house republican impeachment inquiry into president biden hears from its highest profile witness, yet, the presidents own brother, yet as this is happening, perhaps the most stunning twist yet in the at times floundering investigation. remember, the ex-fbi and forth? woman whose testimony had been central to house republican allegations. the one that special counsel, david weiss, already charged with lying. well, the special counsel now says, not only did he commit perjury locating the bidens in a business deal. this informant has now told prosecutors that he was tracking trafficking and information false. it turns out provided to him by the russians so fell the basij wall here, house republicans within
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opinion which one inquiry based at least in part on false information from a guy who now says he got stuff from the russians. cnn, senior crime and justice reporter katelyn polantz, with all this, this russian connection, kaitlan john on it, just information coming from alexander smirnov, who's now arrested and released from >> detention, coming into the fbi for years and even recently. so what is at stake in his case is questions about what he was telling the fbi related to hunter biden they didn't burisma and joe biden, he had alleged that there were millions of dollars that was connecting the biden family, too. this ukrainian oil company at a time when joe biden was vice president, that's not true. that's the lie. that he's charged with funneling to the fbi. but as the fbi has continued to speak to him even after his arrest. and as the justice department has gone to court to give us more details about this longtime fbi
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informant, alexander smirnoff. we're now learning that he was getting information from russian officials, including about hunter biden as recently as this fall there were four different russian officials officials that were providing him information that the that he then passed along to the fbi about hunter biden. so all of that is calling into question the everything that this man was sharing with the fbi, specifically, if it was information that was damaging about joe biden or hunter biden. and on top of that, at john, it just is highlighting how much disinformation there was in the 2020 election about joe biden and his son and their foreign contacts as well as what appears to be disinformation coming from russia still in the 2024 election about joe biden really are, is stunning revelations. kaitlan that draws any questions. so much of what is happening before our eyes. even
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today, keep us posted on all these developments. there. >> my family, we call that a hot mess that closed-door meeting, by the way, with president biden's brother james begins next hour on capitol hill a critical interview as republicans try to hold together, they're unraveling impeachment investigation. let's bring in cnn congressional correspondent, lauren fox now for the very latest on this, lauren, what is the new information that republicans think they're going to be getting from the president's brother while republicans have been having a series of interviews over the last several months and they're looking for a critical piece of evidence that would directly >> tie president joe biden to his family's business dealings abroad. but so far, they've been been unable to find that smoking guns, sara, that is what they're going to be looking for. this morning in this closed door meeting. and it really comes at a critical point for the impeachment inquiry as house republicans are really struggling to produce any evidence that connects biden directly to get some benefit from these
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business dealings from his family. now, he's going to be meeting today with james biden, the president's brother, that and in a week they are going to be hearing from hunter biden, the president's son, for highly anticipated meeting. but the reality for the republican party in the house of representatives is that they have a narrow majority, which means they have to convince basically every one of their members to support impeaching joe biden, if that is the decision that they want to make and go forward with. and right now, there just isn't the kind of evidence that would make some of those republicans running in swing districts comfortable with moving forward. we expect that the house leadership is going to make a decision after these two critical interviews whether or not to proceed with trying and impeaching the president. but the reality is that they are going to have to make that decision with the political reality happening with this inquiry that has been going on for months now, in which they have yet to find that direct evidence, sara. all right. lauren fox, thank you for your reporting on this run.
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>> all right. thanks, sara, the white house is ready to unveil another round of major sanctions against russia in just days. a response, not just to the war on ukraine, but the death of opposition leader alexey navalny, the us is working with european partners to hit vladimir putin at the same time, the eu just reach an agreement on its package. the main target, russia's drone production. russia has been ramping up drone production over the past year. the uk also announcing a new round of sanctions today, they are sanctioned shooting six workers at the penal colony where russian opposition leader alexey navalny died last week. alex marquardt is with us with more on all of this. alex well, in the wake of the announcement of navalny's death on friday, president biden making clear that he intended >> to add more sanctions against the russian regime. and now that is going to be happening later this week. the white house is making clear that they had already intended
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to impose more sanctions against russia time to this week with the anniversary of russia's invasion of ukraine. that is tomorrow in fact. but now those sanctions are being supplemented. so this package is coming out on friday. we don't have specifics just yet. we are getting a few more details biden's national security adviser, jake sullivan, saying that these american sanctions will target what he calls russia's defense industrial base and revenue for what he called russia's war machine. here's a little bit more of what he had to say yesterday but this is another turn of the crank. another turn of the wheel and it is a range of targets, a significant range of targets that we have worked persistently and diligently to identify to continue to impose costs for what russia has done for what it's done to navalny for what it's done to ukraine, and for the threat that it represents to international peace and security so we expect
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more of those details on friday. we do know that the biden ministration likes to sync up their sanctions against russia with key allies. we are seeing that this week, the eu announcing the 13th round of sanctions against russia, the 13th package targeting the production of drones some 200 individuals and companies we're also learning today that the united kingdom is sanctioning six individuals who are leaders of that arctic penal colony, where navalny was being held. but fredricka, the biden ministration, is making clear that they believe one of the best ways to counter russian aggression is to pass that supplemental funding bill for ukraine, israel, and other and elsewhere. but some 60 billion there for ukraine, which of course is being held up by republicans in congress. fred all right, alex marquardt. thank you so much. sara. >> all right. thank you for joining me now, president and founder of eurasia group and gzero media and brehme thank
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you so much for being here, sir you look at these sanctions. what, if anything, will these new sanctions? due to vladimir putin, we know that they can hurt the economy. they can do other things. but is this any, is there any chance they're going to stop him from going forward with the things he's been doing including potentially killing one of his opposition leaders and the war in ukraine. >> absolutely not. >> what we have found is that the only thing that is slowing down vladimir putin is the provision of additional military support directly for ukraine essentially a proxy war, allowing nato to give the ukrainians what they need to defend themselves that's made a difference. but i mean, this year, the imf expects the russian economy to grow at a reasonable clip >> of >> course, are russia has critical natural resources that everyone around the world needs. and the americans are no position to try to cut that off. >> food fertilizer, oil, gas it
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and the sanctions that have been placed on russia by the united states and europe are pretty maximum. i do have to say, it should surprise people given that this war has been going on for two years, that there haven't been sanctions against drone manufacturers in russia yet, you'd think that that would be something that europeans would have already gotten around to with the initial 12 rounds. but no, i mean, the russians are not going to be sanctioned into changing their behavior either with their own people or in terms of the war in ukraine i think in the past way of seeing the same thing. so you speak the truth, sir. cnn has also learned and i want to turn to this that the former fbi informant charged with lying about the biden's dealings in ukraine, told investigators after his arrest that russian intelligence officials were involved in passing information to him about hunter biden, how concerned should we be and what does this tell you about
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russia's intention to interfere with the united states politics? >> in the run-up to the 2016 election. we found that russian operatives were behind facebook groups that were radical black lives matter trying to stoke racism in the united states. it's the same sort of thing. russia sees that us democracy is in crisis. they see that american politics are increasingly tribalized and they love to help the americans destroy themselves in to the extent that our biggest enemy in the united states is internal division, the russians want to promote that. >> that should >> be no surprise over the past few years that we're learning this now, having said that, let's not pretend that hunter biden suddenly has no problems going forward. there's still are real issues around the amount of money that he was receiving as the president son for a comparatively corrupt ukrainian energy company and
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there was also challenges with him flying on air force to when biden was vice president to china, to promote his access to getting cash, all of it smells bad. all of it is challenging, and the republicans will use it. but that rush and government and russian operatives wanted to take that vulnerability and sharpen it and use it as a weapon against the united states and against the american president. that doesn't surprise me in the slightest. >> are you concerned and should americans and the rest of the world be concerned about what is happening with republicans, some of whom are embracing russia in some ways embracing putin in some ways including the president of the united states, who has still not taken a moment in word to speak out against what happened with alexey navalny. i'm talking about former president trump here, saying things about russia, but not really going after putin. what do you make
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of all this and what does it tell russia? as they're watching what's happening, clearly watching what's happening here in the united states >> greater divisions are useful for russia. i mean, they see that the united states is increasingly unwilling to provide additional military support to the ukrainians. i was at the munich charity conference, jd vance channeling former president trump, was the most outspoken by far in saying, i don't think we should continue to provide american tax payer dollars in order to support ukraine. that is music to putin's ears. and of course, the more than the trumpist in as owning the gop, the more that he is seen as able to block support that has a majority of republicans in favor in the house, in the senate, democrats as well. but trump is increasingly able to block it because he's going to get the nomination and republicans are increasingly loyal to him obviously that's
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the best opportunity that putin has at this point. you've seen that with tucker carlson and his trip to moscow and his embracing of the putin regime. you've seen it with social media. and the way that russian disinformation continues to have an active channel for american voters this is, of course, a deep challenge for the ability of the united states to support the ukrainians, also for the ability of the united states to continue to be the strongest ally in the nato alliance, a country that european allies know they can count on for the long term, ukraine is very far away for the united states, but it is a very real and existential challenge that's for our european allies. they are deeply concerned right now and they are deeply concerned. i know that having been there. thank you so much in bremmer for coming on and sharing your points of view for us, john jury selection about not who could be called to the witness stand. donald trump's legal
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6:21 am
hutchins, we know that alec baldwin has been charged, but today's jury selection is all focused on hannah gutierrez reed. this was the person that served us. what's called the armorer on the set. she was responsible for the safe handling of firearms for the safe storage of ammunition. and of course, we know that a live round of ammunition made its way hey, enter the gun that baldwin was holding that killed cinematographer halyna hutchins. so prosecutors say that hannah gutierrez reed bear some fault here. she's been charged with involuntary manslaughter under new mexico law, the prosecutors offer to competing theories. it's either going to fall under what they called negligence or without due caution. basically, what that means is that she will only if convicted, be sentenced to one charge, but she's still could face up to 18 months in prison. now it's worth pointing out that of course she has pleaded not guilty but as this trial begins, we will get a sense now of what prosecutors are going to prioritize. we know that in court filings, prosecutors had alleged that she was likely hung over when she quote, inserted a live
6:22 am
bullet into a gun that she knew was going to be used as part of this movie. witnesses also allegedly they told investigators that guterres reed had been drinking heavily using marijuana throughout the course of this movie. the filming, which enforces important because this is the person responsible for safety. so that person certainly has to have their wits about them. what i think that we can expect, john, just hearing from her attorney leading up to this, is that this movie the prosecutors described it as somewhat chaotic. there was a sense of complacency as it relates to safety on that set. we also know that hannah gutierrez reed had to actual roles, not just the armor, but he was also tasked with roles pertaining to props on set, which i talked to a number of safety experts in hollywood who say that that's just unheard of. you want your armor focusing solely on the guns, making sure that they're safe and so i expect as this moves forward, we can probably hear her defense saying that she was tasked it's with all of these different roles which could have led to what actually occurred here. the negligence,
6:23 am
but we will wait and see. and finally, john, it's worth pointing out this case has obviously received lots of publicity. and so today during jury selection we can expect a potential jurors will be asked what they know about this case. there's this misnomer that a juror can't serve on a case if they've heard about a particular case, in reality, what the judge is looking in for, whether they can actually render an impartial verdict will have to wait and see as this moves forward, john. but according to prosecutors, the road to accountability here in the death of halyna hutchins? >> yeah, it all begins today. josh campbell covering this so well for us. thank you very much. >> all right. just ahead, president biden, following his own advice, after telling aids, we need to highlight trump's crazy comments. what biden told fund raisers overnight also does nikki haley have a cash problem, right? there's a blinking light on her super pac support will discuss all that coming up ones to match can you
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litter is the gate been changer. try it today, go chu pretty litter, >> rahel solomon in new york is cnn tonight, president biden is on the campaign trail hosting to fundraising events as he >> prepares for a general election matchup in november. and this morning we're learning the president holds a major cash advantage over donald trump if he becomes the republican nominee, biden and the dnc have a combined $80.1 million on hand while trump and the rnc have about half that, about 39 million, let's get right to cnn's arlette seinz, who joins us now from the white house. so what's the explanation of this big gap between? their cash? >> well, fred, the biden campaign is certainly celebrating the fact that they have this cash advantage at this moment in the campaign, as you noted, that there's quite a bit of a discrepancy between what the biden and the
6:29 am
democrats have asked versus trump in the republicans at this time. but if you take a look at the joint fundraising committees as well for democrats, the campaign says that they have a total of $130 million cash on it had an even bigger amount and part of this is because the biden campaign very early on established these joint fundraising committees earlier than any other democratic candidate. presidential candidate in history. and it gives the campaign and opportunity to raise higher amounts of money through those joint fundraising committees and officials have all been also noted. the fact that republicans are currently spending all their money duking it out against each other in the republican primary. campaign feels like they have an advantage of this moment. there's these numbers could quite possibly get a little bit closer as the campaign proceeds we saw that back in 2020 when biden secured the democratic nomination himself against former president donald trump. but the president today and tomorrow is still focused on raising more big money for this campaign. he is now on day two
6:30 am
of his three-day fundraising swing through california a bit later tonight. he's expected to appear at two events in the san francisco area, including one with former house speaker nancy pelosi, who was a fundraising powerhouse and draw for herself and democrats as well. and it comes as officials really believed that this could be quite a lucrative swing for the president. one source told me that they expect that they could raise as much as $10 over this three-day span in california. but the president isn't just focused on fundraising he's also focused on trying to go after former president donald trump. he spoke very bluntly in a closed-door fund raiser in los angeles last night about the threat that trump poses and specifically took aim at his predecessor assessor for not calling out vladimir putin and condemning vladimir putin for the death of alexey navalny. he told those donors, quote, it's outrageous. the bottom line is republicans have to decide who do they serve donald trump or the american people, because that's where it is right now. are they here to solve
6:31 am
problems? or just weaponized them for political attacks? it comes as biden has increasingly shown this willingness to go after trump since the start of the year and behind the scenes, he's directed his top aides to turn up the heat on the campaign side as well. sources say the president told his senior advisers that they need to start calling out the crazy stuff that trump is saying the sources used more colorful language than stuff, but it really speaks to the biden campaign's belief that they need to drive home this contract trapped between biden and trump, and ultimately they believe reminding voters what four years of a trump presidency would look like will work to their advantage in november. >> all right, the gloves are officially off arlette saenz at the white house. thank you. how much sara. >> all right. this morning, nikki haley is pushing ahead with her campaign blitz through her home state of south carolina, where the primary election is just three days away. haley is vowing to stay in the race, but cash is becoming a concern for the presidential hopeful. her cash on hand is dwindling and her
6:32 am
main super pac is nearly out of money after spending more in january than it brought him. cnn's kylie atwood joins us now from north augusta, south carolina. we are expecting to hear from haley in the next few hours kelly, what is the latest there was this big hall after a new hampshire because her numbers were quite high, even though she did not be donald trump. what's happening now >> yeah we'll nikki haley's campaign had a really successful fundraising month in january. but what we're finding out just this week is that sfa fund, which is the super pad that is backing nikki haley, the main super pac. they spent a lot in the month of january spending more than $13 million ending the month with one point $9 million cash on hand. so that is quite a diminished war, chez, there are questions of course about how they could continue to propel her forward with less money on hand and when it comes to nikki haley for her part, making the case yesterday, very clearly
6:33 am
that she is going to stick in this race no matter what happens here in this south carolina primary on saturday, it's going to take a lot of money to continue doing that. so of course, we'll watch to see what the reports look like in terms of her campaign, how much money they have been able to bring in in the month of february. but there's going to be 16 territories and states that vote just on super tuesday alone. and she is saying hey, nikki haley saying very firmly right now that she's staying in until super tuesday now last night during a fox news town hall, former president trump was asked about her her commitment to stay in the race. listened to how he responded >> why do you think she's staying in the race >> i don't think she knows how to get out. thanks. sure. they're trying to hurt me because of the general election. so the democrats are giving her money and she's playing into the game. and i think she just can't get she just can't get herself to get out >> now, nikki, haley's
6:34 am
justification for saying in the race, even though of course it is a very steep uphill climb. hi, i'm if she's able to change the trajectory of where this republican primaries headed right now with just that really strong hold on the party that trump has her justification is that american voters should have a choice when they go to the poll that they deserve a real choice that they shouldn't be presented with an option like a soviet style election, were 99% so the vote goes to one candidate, sarah kylie atwood. thank you so much. appreciate it john, i know you have some guests that have some opinions on these things >> thankfully republican strategist alice stewart and maura gillespie it's be founder of bluestack strategies and former press adviser to house speaker john boehner. alice nikki haley told us all yesterday, she's staying in can you do that? or how long can you do that if the money is drying up? >> look if you have the money, you can stay on the campaign trail and keep pushing your message. and she is committed to doing that. some people burned through a lot more cash
6:35 am
and some people are able to do a campaign on more a tight budget. look, she is clearly in this for the long haul. she's made that clear from the very beginning. she is running to be present so the united states, she has never said she's willing and able to run for vice president, and she made it clear in her speech yesterday that she wants to give voters a choice and she's not looking at this. what is the next job that she wants does she want to be vice president that she wanted to be a member of the cabinet she says has gotten lost in a lot of the coverage of her speech. she's in this for the right reasons, not for the next reason. and she is looking at her future at being president of the united states is our long-haul is a difficult battle ahead. she's down by nearly 25 points in south carolina almost 50. and the real clear politics, national average polls. but she is clearly doing what she is committed to doing. and that's running for president and giving voters the option it's an uphill battle, but i come in the fact that she is giving voters a choice and making sure that she has
6:36 am
putting the effort up against donald trump. the wall street journal had a good editorial out saying they commend her for her grit and tenacity in the face of insults and innuendo by trump. >> more i want to play a little more of this interview that trump did last night because he talked about mail in voting in every time he talks about mail-in voting, republican strategists from around the country including trump supporters, including people who want trump to win you can since them cringe when he says stuff like this. listen >> you are a mail-in voting. you automatically have fraud. >> if you have well, there's mail-in voting in florida. one here if you haven't you're going to have scathing questions for their from laura ingraham did point out there's mail-in voting in florida, a state that he won, but more on long island, the republicans got killed in early voting and mail-in voting, largely because republicans had been reluctant to push it. so when trump says that, what's the impact?
6:37 am
>> it hurts them. i mean, it hurts the republican party and i think what nikki haley has pointed out time and time again is the donald trump has hurt the republican party. he is the cause of our recent losses and by having him, it's held at the ticket, him being a mouthpiece for unfortunately, for a republican party is not beneficial to us we've seen that and last is headed again where he wasn't even listening to the soft balls being thrown at him. he was just talking over laura ingraham, which again, if you're watching that as a woman, once again reminded about how much of a problem he has with women. it's very frustrating and it's not helping the republican party, donald trump, talking about budget, talking about finances, downturn trump's super pac spent $3 million in one month on legal fees. the money that he is raising for himself is for himself. it's not to grow the majority of our congress of republicans in the house or the senate. and so his repeated comments about things that he doesn't really even understand and can learn and grow them. how to point out that he won. the mail-in ballot votes in florida. that's concerning to
6:38 am
us >> alice, you brought up the fact that nikki haley doesn't want to be the vice presidential pick if trump gets the nomination spoiler alert probably won't be. trump. >> was >> asked about this again last night. listen to some of the candidates who are thrown out there in his response one of them. was of course, the vague ramaswamy. he's made a big splash. ron desantis, who's made making a parent parents today in south carolina, we just found out obviously, tim scott byron donalds, and a big presence here for tulsi gabbard. very interesting >> are in kristi noem well, i should say are they all on your shortlist >> helps woody. what do you read into that? is this just trump? agree because he hurts years in the stand and it's something that he might as well milk now, look, i mean, those are all tremendous choices. and
6:39 am
look, he's looking at this from a standpoint of who can help not only up support him, but also bring in some of these voters that have been really disaffected by his, his tone and tenor as he was president. and since that time and all of those people would be good and there's one common thread with it's all of them as we've quite clear, is they will stand up with trump and they won't stand up against trump. and they are some of them a certainly much more loyal and jumped on the trump train as soon as they got out of the presidential race my guess is that someone more like tim scott would be a good choice. but at the end of the day, from a republican standpoint, i would take donald trump in any one of those candidates over joe biden and kamala harris, any day based on the policies the democrats have put forth. and i think the gop is in good shape come november more on trump, ramaswamy >> i would not vote for that. if you paid me to i mean, there's no way in any scenario, i would want ramaswamy white house and i do
6:40 am
just think that nikki haley reiterated it in her speech yesterday where she said, i'm not looking for anything from him. i think republicans need to think about that. what are they getting out of their loyalty to him? >> because >> think about the inner circle he had with him in his white house. where are they now? >> are they speaking up and saying what it was like to work for him? they're not even in his corner. i mean, he trump went after kayleigh mcenany, who stood day after day defending him, and even he went after her. so i mean, what do you get for your loyalty to trump? it should really be question for all republicans to really grapple with here. >> maura gillespie, alice, who are great to see both you. thank you. >> fred. hi, john. >> still ahead. how donald trump's legal team is preparing to challenge the classified documents indictment dan, the scene on an american airlines flight overnight, forcing itself to land unexpectedly. what five people spring into action to drain a fellow passenger mid-flight
6:41 am
6:42 am
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>> get pay calm, and make the unnecessary, unnecessary >> see you down a lot this is the greatest stage in scope me a while they told about for a lifetime, reis wound to the champions. have tbs >> so they're asking the court either want to submit this 200 page filing that will include many different motions, including a laundry list of challenges that they want to pose to this case. i'm gonna go through some of these here. sara, they want to challenge, quote, the appointment and of jack smith presidential immunity, the presidential records act selective
6:46 am
vindictive prosecution as well as due process violations, prosecutorial misconduct, impermissible pre-indictment delay, the quote, illegal raid at mar-a-lago, which sarah was of course, a duly executed search warrant and improper violations of president trump's attorney client privilege. so you can see here they're just trying to throw everything at the wall to see what might stick while the former president, his lawyers, they absolutely have the right to file these kinds of challenges. this also plays into their larger strategy, which is to delay, tried to push both of the special counsel's trials until after the november 2020 election, right now, the mar-a-lago documents case is on the calendar for may 20, but next week there's a hearing where sara we may get some insight into whether that is going to be pushed back. we always sort of expected that it would be pushed back. now of course, the former president has what appears to be his first criminal trial in new york that starts on march 20. and it seems likely it would be done by may 20, but that is likely to come up as well. >> delay delay. delay that has
6:47 am
been no secret that they've been doing that with every case. let let's go ahead and talk about a special counsel, jack smith's case against trump. there are a couple. this is the federal election subversion case. we are still waiting on the supreme court's decision on that case. and another case that could affect donald trump. in the meantime, georgia's governor brian kemp just told cnn that he has spoken with jack smith. let's take a listen to this he it's been months ago really didn't last that long. i mean, i basically told them the same thing. i told the special grand juries that i followed the law and the constitution and answered all their questions truthfully. >> he said this happened months ago, but it is significant that he has been talked to by the special counsel, how significant is this? >> so he's really significant because he's one of the few people who were able to resist
6:48 am
this intense pressure. he was facing from former president trump to overturn the results of the 2020 election section. now he broke this news in a conversation with our colleague, kaitlan collins, and we had known that there had been outreach from the special counsel to camp, but we didn't know he actually sat for for an interview and he did acknowledge. he said, look, it was pretty brief, but that is definitely news. it's a reminder of how extensive the investigation was before the charges in the federal election subversion case were filed against former president trump. but as you mentioned, right now, we are watching and waiting. the supreme court to give us a sign about if and when the election subversion trial will go forward. and it kaitlan also asked him about what he thinks about trump's claim of immunity, something we're waiting for the supreme court to weigh in on. and he said that quote, nobody is above the law, sara all right. >> paula reid, i know you'll be watching and we will be coming back to you often. thank you so much, john. >> the white house is announcing more than $1 billion in student loan forgiveness today, who will get that relief? and biance proves
6:49 am
everything she touches is gold. en a pair of cowboy boots >> there are four fundamental facts that hunter biden gets poor put on the board of burisma he's not qualified to be on the board. he gets he gets put on that board, gets paid 1 million a year. second, as i said, he's not qualified to be on the board. he said so himself. >> third in dubai on december 4, 2015 the executives at burisma, mr. zoltan chatzky, mr. pozharsky >> specifically asked hunter biden, can you weigh in with dc and help us with pressure we are facing from the prosecutor
6:50 am
general and ukraine hunter biden makes a call. devon archer told us he made a call to his dad, to joe biden and then three days later joe biden goes to ukraine and conditions the release of american tax money on the firing of the prosecutor, applying the pressure to the company that hunter biden said on the board up those facts that they don't change regardless of what this just confidential human sources said >> format now charged with some of the most corroborating evidence interviewed a dig crop great. what i just said there, but it didn't change the facts >> those allegations from the fda's 23 are now found to all be lies. so how does that impact the investigation? >> i think you should ask just ask the fbi why they were so reluctant they told us if we don't when we wanted to see the 1028. so this could jeopardize national security, the safety of this confidential human source. you can't know his name. they didn't want to show it to us. then they finally did. i mean, this is a guy they paid for, i think since 2010, so 14 years they've been paying this guy and he's a trusted
6:51 am
source. and now we find it had a plus, i think there's sort of the you know, when christopher steele lied to the fbi about president trump, he gets paid more. when smirnoff lies to the fbi about president biden know he gets indicted go figure so it doesn't change the fundamental facts >> here's the facts. >> it does just fact to the road >> are facts was not true for things i just said they're absolutely true. the good he went to a hunter biden get put on the board of burisma? yes. was he paid $1 million a year? yes. did joe biden condition the release of tax money for the firing of the prosecutor was applying the yes. all those all for those things are facts. absolutely the economy is simply not working for millions of hard working families. they're working harder than ever and they still can't make enough to get by to afford food
6:52 am
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>> no yeah. >> now, i should worn my boots today >> texas, hold them in the top spot biance is foray into country music, is already a huge hit. her new song, texas told them, debuted at number one on billboard's hot country songs chart. her other new country songs, 16 carriages, is at number nine. the only other so female artists to launch on top of the chart is surprise. surprise. taylor swift. >> all right, the white house just announced a new round of student debt relief to day 150,000 borrowers enrolled in the save repayment plan should get an email saying their remaining federal student loan debt is canceled that totals about $1.2 billion. nearly 138
6:54 am
billion in federal student loan debt has been canceled since president biden took into office. >> all right. alexey navalny's mother is suing over inaction in releasing his body after the opposition leader and putin critic died in a russian prison the last week, russian state media says a court received a complaint, but is not specifying who she is accusing of illegal actions and decisions navalny's team says his mother and lawyers have repeatedly been denied access to the morgue where his remains were believed to be held. a court hearing is set for march for john. >> all right. terrifying moments on an american airlines flight, passengers rushed to stop a man who tried to open the plane's emergency exit door. some of those sitting nearby report feeling a change in the air pressure in the plane had to return to albuquerque shortly after takeoff or ideation correspondent pete muntean is with his pete. what happened here? >> well, these unruly passenger incidents were really a 2021 issue that we can't seem to leave it 2021. passengers tell cnn, this man sitting in the
6:55 am
emergency exit row tried to open the emergency exit. in fact, got the restraining a piece of plastic there that keeps you from getting to the handle off of the door. passengers then started to yell passengers who were on board this flight and then flight attendants had to swoop in and restrained this man with duct tape and flex cuffs that was on american airlines flight 12, 19 from albuquerque to chicago, o'hare diverted back to albuquerque because it's happened only about 20 minutes into the flight. what is significant here is that this man was led away from the plane by police down the fire escape of the jetway there in albuquerque. not really clear right now. >> if he was >> arrested, but we know that the fbi is investigating the faa also investigating. >> it says there have been 250 before cases of unruly passengers onboard commercial flights so far this year, compare that to the 5,900 cases back in 2021, largely due to the federal mask mandate on board commercial planes, the
6:56 am
rate of incidence now way down, but they did go up a little bit over last summer, blame it on the heat john, just so many people cracked into a small airplane at the same time. >> yeah. and bad decisions and bad choices, you can >> blame it on that too. no doubt. >> pete, you're hearing new information about an >> incentive, a different kind, correct? yeah, this actually came about on reddit and really this is because i think passengers are watching a bit more closely what's going on in their planes since alaska airlines flight 12, 82, that door plug blow up back on january 5 that in that case was a new 737 max nine in this case, a 30-year-old boeing 757, united airlines flight 354 from san francisco to boston, diverted to denver. and you can see the damage there that is a wing slat. >> it >> is on the front, the leading edge of a wing, a movable piece that changes essentially the shape of the wing to create more lift when the airplane is at slow speed, hundred and 65 hi people on the board this plane all turned out okay, this
6:57 am
plane was able to get the denver it no incident there with the landing. this has happened before though, july 2010 on an american flight. same scenario, passenger notice the situation alerted the crew the lamination is what it's called officially a known issue on the seven-fifty-seven planes are getting older, john, the average at age of a complaint in the commercial fleet in the us, about 13 years old. now, according to the latest data, yeah, that is not what you want to see when you look out your window there maybe on an old she when bicycle not in an airplane. in 20,000 feet. and this guy. all right. pete muntean. thank you. >> really john mitch when bicycle >> okay. ready breath here is the center of their he's the center of their impeachment allegation into president biden. but this morning, republican trying to flip the script on the fbi informant, who got his dirt from russia shan intel. he is now charged.
6:58 am
we're live on the hill as they try to defend their case. that's ahead
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> zander smear. office proven to made it up and it was based off russian intelligence. >> it doesn't change the four fundamental facts. hunter biden was on the put on the board of burisma, gets paid $1 million a year. fact number two, he's not qualified to be on the board. he said so himself in an interview, i don't know with you over there were some network back number three zola chesky, and desire ski, the two executives that burisma specifically asked hunter biden, can you weigh in with dc and help us deal with the pressure we are facing? scene from the prosecutor


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